Photo tour

Our welcoming front reception desk, come say hello!

Our waiting room. This room has our blue tongue lizards, and we also have turtles in the reception area.

This is Brett and Flynn, named after two of our much-loved former Vets.

One of our three consulting rooms.

Another of our consulting rooms.

Our hydrobath, used by our professional groomer 2-3 days per week, and able to be used by clients at other times.

Our sterile surgical room, with state of the art anaesthesic machine and monitoring equipment.

Our digital X-ray machine

Our pathology area. Our microscope is able to capture digital images so we can load them straight into patient files, use in our client discussions back in the consulting room, and send to specialists if required.

Our day-stay room for those getting groomed or having day procedures.

And finally, another picture of one of our lizards, isn’t he handsome!