Work Experience Programs

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital encourages students to participate in our work experience programs. It is a great chance to see the ‘out the back’ workings of a Veterinary Hospital if you are training or considering a career in this field.

We take students from Secondary School, Veterinary Students, and Veterinary Nursing students. Our student placements are arranged via the relevant course’s structured Work Experience Programs. We are not able to take volunteers.


Secondary School Students

We have Secondary School Students on a regular basis as part of their formal year ten work experience program. These students must be 15 years or older at the time of placement, and organise the experience through their school’s work experience co-ordinator.

School students are able to experience a variety of day-to-day procedures at the Hospital, including surgeries, grooming, and care of unwell hospital patients. They assist the Veterinary Nurses with their daily cleaning routines and other jobs around the Hospital.

Work experience is a good opportunity for Secondary School Students with an interest in animals to have a behind-the-scenes look at working in the animal industry.

We get a great number of potential students who would like to participate in our work experience programme and with only 52 weeks in the year it is hard to fit in all applicants. Placement is competitive.

If you would like to apply for placement, please send:

  • A cover letter explaining why you would like to be considered, and
  • An up-to-date resume – if you don’t have one then now is the time to develop one!

Email these, addressed to the ‘work experience coordinator’, stating your available dates for placement. We may then arrange an interview, in person or on the telephone. If you have not heard back within 10 days then please give us a call.

Veterinary Students

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital is part of the Academic Associate program for the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary Science. Veterinary Students visit our hospital as part of their training to learn the practical application of both knowledge and skills. Dr Darren Shortt is a Senior Fellow of the Faculty of Veterinary Science (University of Melbourne) in his capacity as an Academic Associate. Veterinary Students in training are assessed as part of their formal course material and are provided feedback in order to develop their skills in clinical practice.

We accept students at various levels of the Veterinary Science Course for work experience, allowing them to gain the experience and skills they will need upon graduation. Veterinary Students often start consultations to build skills in collecting patient histories, performing clinical examinations and developing differential lists for the illnesses seen. The Veterinarian on duty will complete consultations and discussions with owners, and dispense any medications required. Veterinary Students assist the Veterinarian in general day-to-day procedures and surgeries, and are under supervision of a Veterinarian with any case involvement.

If you are a veterinary student looking to perform work placement at Dandenong Veterinary Hospital, then please first speak to your Extramural Coordinator in the Veterinary Faculty, after which you can arrange suitable placement time at our Hospital.

Veterinary Nursing Students

We also have students from some Veterinary Nursing courses for work experience. We are not currently able to offer ongoing work experience for studying nurses needing larger hours of time, but we may be able to offer shorter time frames if required. If you are a nursing student and would like to attend Dandenong Veterinary Hospital as part of your work experience program, then please just give us a call on to check for availability and suitability.