Payment Plans

At Dandenong Veterinary Hospital we understand that paying for treatments or procedures up-front is not always preferred or possible. Payment Plans can allow your pet to receive the care they need at the time, and you can defer the costs over time.

See also our Pet Insurance, Trupanion Offer and GAP Only information

Below are some alternate Payment Plan services you may consider:

 Are you already a ZipPay user?
ZipPay offers up to $1000 with no interest, and no establishment fee. Add your Zip card to Apple or Google Pay, to pay with our regular EFTPOS payment system.
(Requires mobile device with enabled Tap & Pay function)
We are not a ZipMoney enabled Merchant


Looking for a longer-term credit product for larger vet bills? Consider Vetpay



Don’t forget that Insuring your pet also can support you in preparing for unexpected costs!