Podgy Pets & Nutrition

Podgy Pets Program

Our experienced Nursing staff run our weight control program known as the ‘Podgy Pets Program’. The Podgy Pets program was developed by us to help owners with overweight pets with the weight-loss journey and educate them in the causes and associated problems with obesity in pets. If your pet is overweight, this contributes more than you would expect to a decrease in quality of life, and a shortened average length of life, so we advocate very strongly for ideal weight management. Clients have found the Podgy Pets Program to be very motivating to help them get things back on track, as we are helping you on this journey and checking in regularly.

Podgy Pets members come in for a consultation with a Nurse on a regular basis to be weighed, measured and have a discussion about weight control.  All members receive a personalised Podgy Pets book for recording weights and measurements that also includes information and tips. The Nurse will take before and after photos of your pet, which you receive upon completion of your pet’s weight loss. It is a very important and successful program.

Premium Nutrition

We stock a large range of premium pet nutrition made by Royal Canin and Delicate Care.

We are all trained to provide nutritional advice as to which diet best suits your pet, and the many life-long benefits to feeding a true premium nutrition.

Royal Canin forms a basis for many of our ‘prescribed’ diets (example: renal diets, diabetic diets etc) and Delicate Care fits the niche of bridging both the ‘everyday’ range, as well as their well-regarded sensitive skin & stomach range, amongst others.

Both diets allow us to provide a “buy 10 get 1 free” loyalty program.