Dandenong Veterinary Hospital provides treatments for native local wildlife that is dropped off by our caring clients and members of the public. This often includes injured birds and possums, or lost/abandoned babies. We will need to collect some basic information about the location they were found, and contact details for the person dropping them off, as it is best that they are returned very close to where they were found once they are fit to release. We will often provide immediate care and treatment, then transfer them to our lovely Wildlife Carer Kay, from Wildlife Days Wildlife Shelter. The treatment given by us, and any testing such as Xrays, is all provided for no charge as a way of giving back to the local wildlife and animals that share our neighbourhood. Kay provides her shelter services as a charity and often has fundraising activities to put towards the costs of caring for all the native wildlife that pass through her doors. The reward of seeing the wildlife recover from their illness/injuries, go through rehabilitation, and returned successfully to the wild, make it all worthwhile. Some wildlife is transferred to Healsville Wildlife Sanctuary if it requires ongoing care or more specialised treatment, or they are a less common species.

Unfortunately not all the wildlife that is brought to us is able to be treated as their injuries may be too severe. These animals are humanely euthanased, to avoid any further pain and suffering. We are also not able to care for introduced species, as it is against the law for us to treat and release them.