Pet Insurance

We are strong advocates for pet insurance at Dandenong Veterinary Hospital as we see the benefits and peace of mind it brings to our clients every day.

High quality veterinary medicine is expensive, and there is no subsidy or Medicare system, as we are accustomed to with our own healthcare. Human medicine standards-of-care are now available for our pets, but at full price. Pet insurance can bring this care within reach.

A fact stands that 80% of people with enrol for a pet insurance plan AFTER they have paid a veterinary bill greater than $800-1000. What a pity that bill was not covered, and if it arose as a medical or surgical problem, then it will likely now become a ‘pre-existing’ exclusion for which future insurance claims will not cover. Most procedures that involve admission of your pet (either surgical or as hospital in-patient) are likely to have a bill in excess of $800 as a general anaesthetic or a few days in hospital can really add up fast.

Pets are much loved family members, so when something goes wrong, it is not surprising to desire the best treatment possible. Without pet insurance, for some, the costs can play a big part in the ability to afford the diagnostic tests, surgical and medical care needed, and this is difficult for all involved. Pet insurance can take this worry away.

Remember that pet insurance, like any insurance, is not something that you should expect to get a return on every year, but rather pet insurance provides comfort that you can afford the very best treatment possible should the need arise. There are many pet insurance companies and policies available, and you will need to do some research to determine which is best for you. Please ask us for further information on pet insurance when you are next in.

When comparing pet insurance policies, compare VALUE, then COST. Substantially cheaper insurance policies will not provide an equivalent level of insurance cover. Know what you are buying when you balance the policy benefits against your chosen budget. Understand the EXCESS you will pay with every claim, or if your policy operates without an excess but splits the costs into brackets (ie, you pay 20%, insurance will pay the remaining 80%). Please ask us if you have any questions.