Seasonal Hazards

Spring brings warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous baby animals! It also can bring itchy skin, sore ears and mucky eyes to our allergy suffering pets.

Itchy skin is very debilitating for our pets as it interrupts their daily routines and sleep. How often do we notice them stop playing to scratch their ears or not sleep because they are busy licking their feet? It is well documented in humans that chronically itchy skin has a profound effect on mood with increased anxiety and depression rates. It is the same for our pets with high levels of stress hormone leading to effects on their whole body. Our pets’ itchy skin also affects us as owners. Their constant licking or scratching, particularly at night, is very disruptive and can affect our relationship with our furry family member. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are very fortunate that we have numerous safe and effective options for treating skin disease. Treatment options include tablets, longer acting injections or topical creams so no matter the pet or their underlying condition we will be able to provide some relief. The first step in treatment is working to obtain a diagnosis. A hands-on exam allows us to check for infection and parasites and then determine the best step for providing your dog or cat with relief.

As the smell of Spring hits the air, if you noticed your pet has a not so pleasant new smell or is itchy and irritated don’t delay in seeking treatment. Appointments can be made online or via our reception team on 97924787.