Remembering Friends

Pets make up a very important part of our lives. They offer unconditional love and affection, and are great companions. The loss of a pet can be a very difficult time for many owners, as in many ways they have lost an important family member and friend. If you are finding it difficult coping after the loss of a pet then please see our Links page for some resources and programs that may help.

Remembering the happy times spent with our pets can often help with grief. Looking through old photographs can help you to remember the many happy experiences you have had together.

Planting a tree in memory of lost pets allows many owners to create a special place in the garden or yard to remind them of loved-ones lost. Plaques can be created with pets name’s and special messages. Please talk with us if you are interested in having a plaque made.

We have developed below a tribute section for clients who have lost a special pet. A loved photograph can be included in the tribute. Please call or email us if you would like to add a tribute to your pet.


Our sweet and beloved baby boy, we will love you forever and always and always cherish the memories we have with you!!

You have gone too early but we will always remember you as our energetic, silly, amazing boy.

Fly high gorgeous ❣️?

We will miss you so much,

-From your family xx


Our old beautiful boy, Rest In Peace baby!!

We will always love and miss you and cherish the moments we had with you over the past 8 years.

You were a brave and strong boy and we are so lucky to have had an amazing kitty like you. Fly high ??

Love from your family xox



A very special dog who was loved by all and in return loved all unconditionally.

May your cheeky little soul rest in peace.


20/06/2005 – 09/09/2018

Forever in our hearts and memories

Murray, Susan, Nicole & Kylie


02/10/20014 – 17/05/2018

My darling little Kuki I will love you always, even when you pulled down the low hanging baubles from the Christmas tree. How you jumped and sat on the laundry as I folded the clothes.
You always cheered me up, and empathised with me, when my mood was low.

You are in a little doggie heaven now, and I will meet you one day, as I promised you, on your last. Till then, my sweetheart, I will cherish you in my heart.

I am sure that you will join me in thanking all the staff at DVH, for the wonderful care they have given you right through all of your life.
To all the staff  of DVH, Kuki says two small words, from the depths of hear heart and the warmth of her bark:


In Memory of my wonderful mate Smokey who was taken from us far too early after being struck by Cancer.

You will always be in my thoughts.


Thank-you Teyzar for your love, loyalty and protection. We miss you so much. You were taken from us too soon. We will always love you. You will be forever in our hearts.

7th August 2009 to 26th October 2016


Our darling little Lucy became a shining star in the night sky on 22 August 2015 after 14 years of unconditional love. How those amber eyes could reach into our souls. Her devotion tangible, her love boundless. Such a beautiful, beautiful little angel. Your doggy bed will always be in the corner, your rainbow blanket on our bed, just in case you are passing by. You have left us with broken hearts but such wonderful memories of a loyal, faithful friend. We hope God stocks Smackos. Big hugs from Mum and Dad, until we meet again.


January 2000 to August 2015

Gone but not forgotten

Always loved

Always will remember you

Steven Ahretis and family

Lady Jane Grey

3/3/1996 – 10/7/2015

She bounded into our lives as a tiny fluff ball and 19 years later, while a bit slower, she had not lost any of her spirit. She was our girl with the beautiful green eyes who loved to smell flowers. She would travel with us on country trips but would not stay in a cat motel. The joy she gave us was as boundless as her energy and while we may be adopted by another, the likes of her will not be seen again.


Passed away aged 17 years.

From a tiny jet-black puppy to the graceful old grey lady you became.

You were my friend and loyal companion, always there for me. When I was sad you understood. When I had a bad day you were there to cheer me up. You loved your walks every day and would and would start barking when I opened the pantry door where your lead was. Now the house is quiet, except for the cat who misses you too.

You are gone from my life but will remain in my heart forever.

Goodbye Molly


18/12/1993 – 9/01/2014

Much loved and dearly missed


R.I.P my darling Sophie, my little friend and companion of 18 years

April 1996 – 21st May 2014

I miss my little girl with the big purr and loud meow…

A thousand times I’ve thought of you,
A thousand times I’ve cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death, I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No other one can fill.

It broke my heart to lose you,
But you did not go alone.
For part of me went with you
The day God took you home ~~~


Born 3 November 2006 – Died 30th April 2014

Our dearest Dakota,

You have left us, but you live on in our hearts,

we shall always cherish the happy times we have had together.

We want to thank you for being the perfect dog in every way.

Your beautiful self, so loving, so happy, so friendly and yet protective,

you have excelled in all these things.

There will never be another you, not ever. No other pet will take your place.

You will always be special in our hearts, we love you forever our Dakota.

mama and daddy


2001 – 2014

Our beloved Junior, our faithful friend,

and the love you shared to the very end.

For 14 years our family was blessed,

now it’s time for you to rest.

You still live in our hearts and minds,

of the loving family you left behind.

Love you boy Mummy and Daddy xxxx

Lisa and Jamie Avery


To our dear little Angel Masters,

Much loved and never forgotten.

Always in our hearts,

Love from Barry and Norma.


Dearly loved member of the Lang Family


Ophelia passed away on July 22nd 2013 at the age of 17 years.

She was our ray of sunshine; someone we held dear to our hearts and always will. Ophelia gave us such joy and happiness throughout her life; memories we will treasure forever – loved and remembered always.

Putt Family


My boy. you came into my life by crying on my fence. I thought you were wild and I was scared to pick you up. Then I noticed a collar had embedded under your armpit. No wonder you were crying. I went to you prepared to be scratched all over. I picked you off my fence and you just wrapped both your arms around my shoulders and quietly let me snip off that embedded collar. Many weeks at the vets on drips and 3 operations $$ later, and months of exhaustive attempts to find you your owner or a home. I decided you’re mine, but you decided that long before I, didn’t you my boy. You adored me and were a one person cat (in your eyes). I would walk into the room and find you flat out on your back, back legs straight out, showing me your fluffy belly. I remember picking you up from the vets once and you meowed so loud when you saw me, you were all over me like a dog would be (was there a dog inside of you?). I’ve never been so totally loved by an animal before, nor afterwards. I still have your collar hanging on my rear vision mirror in the car Jack. (doh, I’m crying now)

Sharon Suter


1998 – 2012

Our beautiful little girl ‘Patch’ –

One in a million, Unique, Sweet, Affectionate with Personality Plus!

We will surely miss your antics and were so lucky to have had you in our lives.

So many treasured memories, forever loved and remembered.

Jamo Family


In loving memory of our dearest daughter, Bab

Born: 29th July, 2001

Passed away: 10th May, 2012

Bab, we had you since you were 6 weeks old, you were like a daughter to us, wherever you go, you were always with us, trips in the car, long walks every afternoon.

We thank you for being our very special girl.

Sadly missed,

Love from Mum & Dad

Branchon & Marguerite


Much loved member of the Rodrigues family


Tarsha was born in Sept 1994 & went to sleep on Oct 26 2011 at the age of 17.

We will miss you so much Tarsha T, but couldn’t see you in pain.

You were a much loved part of our family.

R.I.P meow cat. It was a hard call to make.


Harley you brought us many years of fun and happiness. Now you’re gone, we will miss you heaps little man.

Love Helen and Wayne


Our first baby girl…..we had you for such a short time before we were forced to say goodbye but you gave us a lifetime of love and fun. We love your beautiful face, cheeky, sneaky personality and your snuggles each and every morning. Thank you for accepting our baby boy so willingly into our little family – we wish you could have grown up together – oh what fun and mischief you would have had! One day we will all play together again.

Aroha Nui

Mummy, Daddy and Dusty xxx


In memory of our beautiful Munchkin who gave us the joy & pleasure of sharing her life for 18 years.

Many wonderful memories


Passed away 24/01/2011

Our beautiful Billy is now at peace and has no more pain. She stuck it through to the very end and gave our family such love. We took you in when no one cared and treated you like one of the family members. Throughout your life you took in Minni, Molly & Noodle, your cat family, and and kept them all in line when necessary but treated them like your family too.

You were are wonderful dog to our family and we miss you and will always remember you.

Billy RIP in doggy heaven.

John, Tracey, Jacqueline & Alexandra Davis


Spike, I had you since you were 4 weeks old. You were like a baby to me. I really enjoyed our walks and talks together. Tigger is missing you heaps – so are the boys Snoopy and Nismo. I’ll always remember you, rest in peace mate. See you when I get to heaven. I’ll owe you a lot of Schmackos.

26/7/1999 to 14/10/2010


Passed away 12/10/2010

I Thought of You Today

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new

I thought about you yesterday and days before that too

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name

All I have is memories and your picture in a frame

Your memory is my keepsake with which I’ll never part

God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart

Snookie, Toby and Mickey

In loving memory of Snooky, Toby and Mickey

1968 -1993

Many years have passed but we still miss your meows and smooches – thank you our dear little pussies for being such lovely pets.

Julie and Barry


In loving memory of Saani


Our dear precious Saani, we miss you each and every day. We were blessed to have had you in our lives. You always managed to lift our spirits when times were tough, and the fun times we had together were just too many to mention.

We thank you for being our very special little Saanigirl.

We will always love and miss you,

Julie, Barry and Janina


DEC 1994 – SEP 2010

A little tri-colour minature fox

Beloved dog of the SWART family

Thank you Rakker for making us discover dogs as part of life. You came into our lives as a ray of sunshine, and made us laugh with your comical bark. You would sit like a rabbit and do a little dance for us when it was time for a treat. We’ll remember your sweet nature and the lovely black heart shape on the side of your body. Our times and walks together will always be treasured. Rest in peace Rakker.

Louis Brown

In loving memory of Louis Brown

21/08/1997 – 15/08/2010

Our little man, we will forever miss your licks and unconditional love. You gave us so much joy. Your presence will be felt by us all the years of our lives. Thankyou Louis for allowing us to love you and take care of you throughout your life.

We will always miss our ‘little tacker’

Reunited with his ‘Big Brother Cosmo.’

Cosmo Brown

In memory of Cosmo Brown

Born 18th September 1993

Died 6th October 2003

Our precious beautiful Cosmo. You were so easy to love; your gentle nature and amazing intelligence will never be forgotten. We had you from when you were just 6 weeks old, we saw you grow into a big strong beautiful dog who loved everybody. We will always remember you were happiest when sitting on mummy’s lap watching television together. All you wanted in return was our love and a good feed. Thankyou Cosmo for some of the most beautiful memories of our lives.

Look after your ‘Little Brother Louis’ for us

Lena and Graham (Mummy and Daddy)

Kewell Taylor-West

23rd March 2005 – 28th June 2010

Our lil grrl has gone, we miss her dearly and Bailey is lost and lonely…….

We’ve been remembering all the good times we had – the camping, the swimming, the chasing, and especially the cuddles and kisses.

Lee-Anne, Emma, Baylee & Dash


Here’s a photo of my beautiful boys, Henry (black and white) and cheeky Toots.

We will always love and miss my ‘cheeky’ old man Henry – R.I.P.

Kim and Mike


Born: August 10th, 1996

Died: June 20th, 2010

You weren’t just a dog – you were the best friend that I could ever ask for. For nearly 14 years I woke up to find you ready for me to give you a hug. From me being in primary school, high school, through to Uni, you were always a happy and cheeky dog whom I knew could make me happy, no matter how down I was feeling. Your cheeky howl, georgeous big brown eyes and curly scruffy hair made me love you more and more every day. See you my little poomby woomby, you shall be missed.

Kristy Galea


In memory of JayJay Adams

Special dogs come into our lives,

they leave pawprints on our hearts,

and we are forever changed.

Jean and John Adams


Dear little Susie,

a part of my life for 16 years.

Never forgotten.




November 1994 to April 2010

A loving faithful pet – greatly loved

Maria McGrath


18 years old, my oldest pet ever

In his later years loved to play with fresh dripping water from the tap, and splash the water in his bowl.

Got along well with Vari



15-04-1993 to 19-04-2010

In loving memory of my beloved cat, Otis, who has been a constant part of my life and a lovely companion for the past 17 years.

You will always be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Good bye and May you rest in peace dear Otis.



Feb 1994 to Feb 2010

Ellie is now resting under my beautiful shady gum tree. She was born Jan or Feb 1994, and had spent her first year twice placed at the Animal Aid Shelter as an unwanted cat.

The day I came to “visit” she was just about to be picked up by the vet and put down.

The staff took her out to a grassy logged section to give her a bit of freedom, and I saw how she leaped and loved being let out to play about. She played with her ears layed back and black eyes, leaping on logs and playing hidey in the grass.

I left the Animal Aid Shelter that day on the 2nd of Feb, 95 with a little cat in a cardboard box.

And every day since has been wonderful, she had the best life and I was very glad to have given it to her.

Jes and Sharon Suter X X X


28-11-1995 to 14-02-2010

In loving memory of my beautiful little red dog. I miss your big brown eyes and the love you gave me all the time, you were always by my side. I loved you so much my little girl, you will always be in my heart for the rest of my life. I’LL BE SEEING YOU.

We all miss you, Julie and family xxxxx


You were my father’s guardian, my mother’s friend, lilly’s big brother. Gentle and tolerant always, you did not live out your years, as you were only four when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Your big Black Buffy head was always in someone’s lap, and gentle kisses were always on the menu. Your antics will be missed and so will your big heart.

Bye now, you are sorely missed by the Goebels Clan


March 1997 to 12th November 2009

Cara was a very friendly cat, warmed up to people very quickly and was lovely natured (except when it came to other cats and bed time). She was a special companion and we will miss her vocal voice when she wanted food and her always wanting to sit on my lap.

Silvana and Andrew Bruton


In loving memory of my boy Oscar. A quiet, gentle and sensitive soul. He loved his family and was the most tolerant animal I have ever known. Stubborn on occasions but very patient and loyal. A large hole still remains in my heart at his loss, that will only heal over time. Gone but never forgotten.

Oscar 4/1/94 to 16/4/2009 aged 15 years.


7 December 2001   –   12 January 2009

Our Special, Beautiful Boy, Loyal Friend and Family Member. We miss him dearly. He will always be in our hearts.

Fondly Remembered, Never Forgotten.

Lidia, Robert & Sarah Atherton


Harrison will always be remembered as he is in this photo – in the prime of his life – living a life of luxury

Dearly missed by Sylvia and his caring 4-legged companion Peta

March 1997 – December 2008


17.05.1995 – 17.11.2008

A much-loved member of the Tonks family for many years. Loyal friend and constant companion. Proud, strong, stubborn; yet happy and loving. A beautiful boy with a determined soul.

Ridge is missed by all.

Fondly remembered. Never Forgotten.


19-7-1999 to 16-8-2008

Our special family member “MILO,” who always had a mind of his own, was our little protector. His different barks always meant something and we understood. Milo’s love for us was as great as our love for him.

We won’t forget our Milo.

Bridget Thorne

A very lovable companion

Fondly remembered and dearly missed

June 1997 – September 2008

Penny Thorne

At Peace, now with her sister Bridget

 June 1997 – December 2009


April 1994 – July 2008

Much loved member of the Jacobs Family


In Loving Memory of
Mamma’s little baby and Daddy’s little buddy
Silk “Foofy” “Jimmy” Browne
Passed away peacefully 19th August 2008

Aged 14 years


Gorgeous loving boy

Beautiful nature

Sadly missed as of 2007

By Katalin, Joe & Trish

Macsi (Snow)

Lovely boy found wandering in the neighbourhood, looking for someone to cuddle and love him

Waiting for Otata to come home

Loved to give kisses

Sadly missed as of 2010 by Otata and Trish


Beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit, loved being brushed and cuddled

Those beautiful green eyes looking at you

Missed by Joe, Katalin and Trish