Why Choose Dandenong Veterinary Hospital to Care for Your Cat’s Preventative Health and Vaccination?

Don't all veterinary practices do the same?

No. Not every veterinary practice will offer the same level of care.

This page explains WHY Dandenong Veterinary Hospital (DVH) is different.

It is our priority at DVH to use our skills and knowledge to provide your pets customised preventative healthcare plans. Medicine is a complex field, and there can be many options your veterinarian may choose when it comes to the level of care offered for your furry family member. This covers the product choices, equipment choices and the rigorous guidelines and Standards Of Care we strive for.

Comparing costs? Be sure to compare apples-with-apples. We too could cut options out completely, or choose a more inferior, or cheaper option, but at DVH, we understand how important each choice is. We feel that it is too important to NOT offer your pet this level of care. We also offer payment plans.

Customised Care? A rushed “telephone query” to try and make a hodge-podge plan on the fly may not be as accurate as a plan the veterinarian can provide you, so in that case, our reception team do their best! The veterinarian can then provide a more accurate Treatment Plan for your consideration, and acceptance.

Let us share WHY we have made these choices for you, and WHY we won’t compromise on the level of care your pet deserves.

There is MORE than one reason that Dandenong Veterinary Hospital is NOT the same...here is WHY:

'Cat Friendly' Accreditation

THREE-yearly Panleukopaenia vaccine

That's right...a TRIENNIAL (three-yearly) vaccine for Feline Parvovirus (panleukopaenia) - one of the standard F3 diseases.

  • Panleukopaenia (triennial)
  • Herpes Virus (annual)
  • Calicivirus (annual)

Commencing from their first adult vaccination, we use a Triennial F3 vaccine, meaning your pet only receives an F3 vaccine every THREE years, and an F2 each year, between. Our vaccine brand has proven efficacy to provide protection for at LEAST three years. Antibody testing in cats unfortunately cannot provide evidence that you cat is fully protected, so a targeted vaccine protocol, such as this, is used in cats.

  1. Reduces the need for unnecessary vaccination
  2. High safety margin with reduced risks of rare vaccination side effects

Other Practices...

...may simply give an F3 vaccination every year. This may not actually be necessary.

Feline AIDS Virus (FIV) Protection

FIV is a very common virus in Melbourne and we see patients with FIV regularly. FIV is TWICE as likely to occur in male cats. This disease is incurable, life-long and leads to immunosuppressive disease.

FIV is spread primarily by biting and fighting cats. This vaccine is VERY effective at providing protection against the virus.

Adult cats or kittens having their initial FIV-vaccine course are given THREE needles, at 2 to 4-weeks apart. A single ANNUAL FIV injection will then provide ongoing protection. Adult cats must test NEGATIVE on a 10-minute blood test before commencing their induction.

Cats that enter our hospital for medical or surgical care must always present with current vaccination for FIV, or test NEGATIVE on a test.

Other Practices...

...may not even discuss FIV-vaccine protection with you, or the serious consequences of being inflicted with this incurable virus.

Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital is soon to be officially recognised for our 'Cat Friendly' Veterinary Hospital. With COVID-19 distractions, accreditation is pending our deferred 2021 audit.

The 'Cat Friendly Clinic' accreditation program was established by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). The environment, handling, protocols, equipment and standards are all measured by the program. These high standards are in place to foster adoption and understanding of the optimum care and needs of cats. We are proud of our Standards Of Care at Dandenong Veterinary Hospital and value such accreditation in recognition.

The program is administered by the 'Cat Friendly Clinic' organisation.

Other Practices...

...may not value the benefits to their cat patients, and owners, by striving towards the 'Cat Friendly Clinic' Standards and facility accreditation.

Flea Protection - THREE-Month Spot-On

Yes!! There is a single-dose flea protection that provides THREE-MONTHS of protection.

  • Fleas are the most COMMON parasite that we see - including indoor cats.
  • Avoid fleas establishing in your home ! It can takes months to get rid of them!
  • Stop unnecessary monthly treatments

Other Practices...

...may stock a confusing range of products and ask you what you want. Is it not easier for the veterinarian to share what they know is best?

Intestinal deworming - Real Liver Flavoured

Intestinal worms are often out-of-site and out-of-mind.

  • Two options:
    • The THREE-MONTHLY Flea treatment we use ALSO covers the ^majority of intestinal worms and an ALL-WORMER tablet is unnecessary.
    • Otherwises, treating each season is considered sufficient for most pets. When purchasing our treatment, your cat needs to try our tasty, real liver-flavoured option. The innovative film-coating is highly palatable, with real liver flavouring, and the tablets are small and ovoid in shape. The tablets may be hidden in food, or accepted from the hand.
  • Intestinal worms are a risk to humans, especially children. You need to treat your cat in SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER and SPRING.

^Cats on the THREE-MONTHLY topical flea treatment we advise only need a cost-effective tapeworm tablet each THREE months.

Other Practices...

......may not offer this tasty and small option

Twice-For-Life (TFL) Six-monthly Health Examination

Regular check-ups are a very important tool to keeping your pet healthy. Your pet needs a thorough examination at least twice per year. You need to recognise that vaccines are only ONE part of your pet’s healthcare plan.

There are so many more “pieces” to ensuring optimal health. Twice-yearly (Twice-for-Life) examinations allows the time to give every piece the attention it deserves.

Other Practices...

...may squeeze everything into a once-per year 15-minute slot. Is this TRULY enough time to ensure you and your pet are receiving the BEST advice and care that they need and to avoid problems arising?

The DVH difference is in the details!

These have been just a few of the “special things” that contribute towards Dandenong Veterinary Hospital’s Standards of Care.

Twice-For-Life examinations together with a Customised Preventative Healthcare Plan means so much to our patient outcomes.

Our difference is in the details!